If You Are Looking For Performance,
 You Need To Put More Horse Power Under The Hood!!!

History Has Proven That A Well Written Script Provides "Greater Performance".

No matter what your business does, we can come up with a script for you.  Our goal is to provide you help in this area.  If you are offering products for downloading on the Internet or simply needing to have your products shipped to your clients door step, we can write a script for you.  If your business requires giving information away or donating clothes for free, we can help.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you through our script-writing services.

"The goal of having a great video is to motivate the viewer to take action!  That is why writing a powerful script is so important."



1.  Do nothing...  Don't bother having a script.   

2.  You can hire a Professional copywriter.  Granted these people can do some fancy writing but many lack the strength to write copy that gets results.  About 70% fall into this category leaving only about 30% that do well with success rates.  A lower-priced one will charge about $2,000.  The average cost of a copywriter is around $6,000 for a single marketing letter!  You do not get a money back guarantee.  Even the best ones will fail and have poor success from time to time.  Can you afford to take that kind of financial risk? 

3.  You do the writing yourself.  Unless you have read all the best books on copywriting and have tons of experience writing scripts, the loss of time and labor will not be worth all the study. This could take years to practice to see if anything actually does work for you.  Learning the skill of copywriting is not an easy thing to do and cannot be learned in 24 hours.  Do you have the time and talent to become an effective copywriter?

4.  We believe this option is your BEST SOLUTION.

Let our team at Engaging Videos write you a powerful message that will encourage your prospects and customers to take action.  They need to have a "Heart Felt" experience during the viewing of your video. A good script will speak to people on an emotional level. They need to experience a connection.


Dr. Oliver saw a short video the other day showing babies who have not been able to hear since birth. The babies were fitted with new hearing aid devices and then suddenly they experienced hearing words for the first time. 

Their reactions and expressions were amazing!  They were happy, laughing, and down right excited.  Bruce had a real connection with that video as Bruce has been dealing with hearing loss for the past 10 years.  Bruce saw those babies' reactions and did not hardly have the right words to say about that experience.  Certainly he had an emotional connection.   

Let us take the pressure off of your shoulders and get the job done for you and for "Little Out-Of-Pocket-Expense". 

What Steps Are Needed If You Hire Us?

  • Determine Length of Time
    How long will your video be 1, 2 or 3 minutes in length. Writing a script will need to done to "FIT" your video.  (Scripts for longer projects are available upon request.)

  • Determine what your message needs to be about? 
    Promoting your company brand?  Wanting to sell a product or service?  Will the video be educational or informational in nature? 

  • What ACTION do you want your prospect to take?
         Make a CALL. 
         Send you an EMAIL
         Fill out an online FORM
         Opt in to a NEWSLETTER
         Join a special WEBINAR
         Make a DONATION
         Last but not least, Make a PURCHASE.

  • Be available for a consultation.
    During this short consultation, we will ask you a series of questions.  Your answers will help us focus on the message the new video will convey.  Don't worry .. if you don't know the answer to a question or two, you can get back to us.  Remember the faster you give us the answers, the sooner the video will go into production. 

  • Script Approval:
    Our team will write your script and give you a proof to approve. If you need something changed we will allow up to 3 corrections to the copy.  Then extra charges will be applied for each additional change necessary.   

    When you approve or sign off on the script, you are taking full responsibility of the content and hold Bruce Oliver Consulting / Engaging Videos Biz, any members and affiliates or third parties harmless in any event or claim.  We provide the script to you on an "As Is" basis.  

The information on this website is for information purposes and are opinions. We suggest that you seek outside information and do your own research before purchasing our script-writing services.  We offer no guarantees and no refunds.