Bruce Oliver Consulting is proud to announce that we are adding EngagingVideoS.Biz as another one of our creative services we offer.  

We have served 100s of happy clients with our website building services since the beginning of the Internet.  Now we have decided to switch our emphasis to designing and building custom State-of-the-Art Animated Videos.   We will continue to offer a wide range of products to help you with your marketing.

Take a quick glimpse of who we are and what we plan to do.

Bruce Oliver is the owner of Bruce Oliver Consulting.  Bruce Oliver Consulting is a Marketing Company based out of Grand Prairie, Texas. Since many small businesses do not make it beyond the early years of operation, we at Bruce Oliver Consulting are pleased to say that we have served our clients since 1991.  We are a "One Stop Shop" for many small-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. We have a reputation of providing excellent customer service with a friendly smile.

Bruce learned from his father that it is always better to Under Promise and Over Deliver than the other way around.

We make it a goal and a practice to follow through on doing for our customers What We Say We Will Do.

Each customer is of great value to us.  Big and small, for profit or for our non-profit organizations, we will treat you with respect and gratitude.  We have been known for our Quality, Innovative Products, Excellent Customer Service and Low Prices.

We Offer The Following  Products

  • We offer Graphic Design Services, Software Design Services and much much more.  

  • Professional Printing Now Offering Antimicrobial Coating For Print!  We are Print Brokers which means that we can get you almost anything in print you need.    SAfeTouch provides up to 99.99% product protection to printed sheets against a variety of unwanted microorganisms.  In durability tests the active ingredient of SafeTouch was shown to last the lifetime of the paper.

  • List Brokers - We save our clients hundreds of dollars when ordering
    New Move In Lists and New Phone Lists services.  We have 
    Demographic Lists available for residential and business criteria.  These list services give our clients a competitive edge. 

  • Direct Mail Services - We have negotiated reasonable rates from one of the leading  Mailing Services in the DFW area. 

  • Professional Video Production Services - (TV Commercials - Marketing Videos and more).  This is a regional service for those in the Denton, Dallas - Fort Worth and Oklahoma areas.  Call Bruce if you are not in these areas and we will see if your area can qualify.  Be sure to contact us for your next video production project.  

  • Web App Interactive Platforms - We have programmers who help us deliver interactive online services according to your needs.  

Some Of Our Recent Projects Are

  • "" (The Gospel Music Artist Association) launched a while back, now  under new technical management.

  • "" (an online Skills / Assessment service for employers and organizations).

  • "PocketTruths" Ministry Web App – under construction - not yet ready. 

  • ""
    Recently launched an Interactive site containing a variety of awesome podcasts where Dr. Oliver interviews a variety of key speakers from across the nation.

  • "MySiteUSA.Com"  Build it yourself websites that are affordable and very powerful.  Capabilities for most of your needs.  Easy to build beautiful sites.

Bruce Oliver Consulting offers much more than what we just listed.  If you don't see what it is you are needing, please ask us and we can see if we can fulfill your requests.

Now is a good time to check out more information and FEATURES about "EngagingVideoS.Biz"  Click Here.